The year of the Tarantula

In the first 12 summers living in Arizona, I may have seen a dozen or so tarantulas.  For one reason or another my neighborhood has become an epicenter for them and I have come across no less than 50 this summer while walking after dark – I stopped counting.

Not being a fan of spiders, I have really learned to appreciate the tarantula (this cannot be said for any other type of spider).  They are quite timid, gentle and harmless in Phoenix.  Though the motto  “Friendliest Tarantulas in the Nation” has not quite been embraced.  The one I saw last night,  even cured into a ball when I put my hand next to him for scale.  How cute can that be?

I will admit, however, that I will forever refuse to attempt to pick one up – I am not only a coward, but I don’t want to end up a “Fox news story”.  But the is only one way to become Spider-Man….

As scary as these things look, they do eat other critters that I do hate, including the bark scorpions.  So in there own way they are greatly appreciated and a welcome sight.

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  1. Glad you’re finding an appreciation for these beautiful creatures! They are misunderstood by most.

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