Such a fine sight to see…

Winslow Arizona Old Man Hiking Rusty Ward

Winslow Arizona

If driving down the I-40, it is worth the short trip off of the highway to insert yourself into a song lyric.  As one of my favorite songs, I thought it would be funny to go stand on a corner somewhere in town – little did I know at the time there was a “park” dedicated to do just that (I should get our more, sometimes).  But I probably wouldn’t make a special drive  just to do this, however, as Winslow is pretty much now a “one-trick pony” – the “Corner”.   And that girl in the Flatbed Ford?  The speed limit is only 10 MPH, so Mr. Frey may have been mistaken as to why she slowed down.  So stand away, have a photo taken and venture on your way.  I do need to get back, though, now that they dedicated the new statue.  Take it Easy as you forever enjoy the song.

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