Timing is Everything

I spent yesterday hiking  in and around Lockett Meadow in Falgstaff, Arizona. And I couldn’t have picked a a better time of year.  The autumn colors were out in full.


Though I’m sure that the area is still beautiful at different times of the year,  there was little doubt I was lucky enough to be there at the right time to see it in all it’s majesty.

The only negative was as I ventured into higher elevations, the temperature dropped significantly and the chilly rain began to come down in a steady drizzle.


If you have a chance to be in Flagstaff, I highly recommend going, but be warned, the side of the mountain road up is not managed and has places not wide enough for two vehicles.  Something my wife has vowed will never attempt again (she did not make this trip)


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  1. Nice post! Love seeing the aspen stands in majestic yellow. With there interconnected root system, you’ll never see one alone. Keep exploring…Happy Trails!

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