Man, I Hate Scorpions…the first hour after getting stung.

Scorpion Sting

Well, for the second time this year, I’ve had a bark scorpion crawl on me while I was asleep and sting me.  This time it managed to be inside my t-shirt and got me just under the armpit when I stood up.  Surprisingly, it feels a lot like a fly walking on you, so you really don’t know what it is.  And that’s the problem.

The good news is I’m not allergic, I’ve been here before.  The bad news is I’ve been here before…

If you live near the desert, the odds are pretty decent you will get stung at some point. OK, I made that up, I don’t know what the odds are.  All I know is, this is the second time and I’m not looking forward to the next 36 hours or so.

The initial sting doesn’t really hurt that bad (much less than a bee sting).  The problem is that for the first couple of hours, the pain intensifies, and starts to burn as it spreads much farther than you want it to.  I’ll call this phase one.  That’s the phase I’m in now and I’m not likely to get much sleep.

He did get the worst of it.

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