Bucket List Item…Check!

Old Man Hiking Rusty Ward Flagstaff Arizona

Most of us have a “bucket list” of some sort for places we want to see before the end.  We see them on the internet (I almost wrote we “read about them in books”, but that made me sound really ancient), or hear about them from our friends.  I am not any different.  I have my own “Arizona” list of places, not before I die, but before I get to old to hike to (technically you are not allowed to hike to this spot – it is only accessible via ski lift).

But sometimes, you find something on your “bucket list” that you never even knew was there – until the universe puts it right before your eyes.  And just when you need it!

I’m not sure how many states go out of their way to proudly declare such a landmark.  But at 11,500 ft elevation, it may not just be the highest toilet, but the coldest too!

And now that Arizona is “off” the list, the search is on….


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