Places: Wupatki Ruins

Hiking Wupatki Ruins in Flagstaff, Arizona

One of the absolute “perks” to living in Phoenix, Arizona is being able to take a day trip to see some of the most amazing places in the country.  This past weekend I managed to get away and take in the Wupatki Native American ruins (part of the Wupatki National Monument) just outside of Flagstaff.

I had a wonderful time, walking among the partially interactive complex, despite the cloudy and chilly late fall day, where the weather also managed to play some color tricks on my camera phone (the beautiful red is correct).  I highly recommend taking the extra drive if anywhere near Sunset Crater (21 miles in from the south entrance).  Full disclosure:  I am a total geek for anything that combines history and hiking around.

The Wukoki ruins were also nearby, but it deserves its own special treatment, as I think I enjoyed it more.

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