Places: Wukoki Ruins

Hiking Wukoki Ruins Flagstaff Arizona

Located just a couple of miles from the much more celebrated Wupatki Ruins , the frequently overlooked Wukoki Ruins (even the official National Parks  Site is not much more than a “oh yeah, it’s here too” page!) may actually be my favorite of the two.  Apparently, “size matters” when it comes to landmarks.

I get it.  It is one building vs. an entire complex, there is twenty miles to drive back to the highway and you’ve spent an hour or so being completely awestruck by the Wupatki Ruins.  So it is an easy temptation to say “pass” as you drive by the generic little park sign that points east and asks you to go two miles in the other direction.  Don’t pass it up!

What the “Big House” lacks in size, it more than makes up for it in experience.   You have full access to the entire building (much of the Wupatki has  an “exhibit” feel about it).

For me, the opportunity to crouch through the doorways, peak through the “window” out onto the high desert, or just sit on the floor in the main tower to be “hit over the head” with pure history,  makes this a must visit.  Don’t pass it up!


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