Kartchner’s Cavern:  The Big Room

I have to say, I’m not a big fan of caves.  Especially spending 90 minutes and as much as 200 ft below the surface within one. But Kartchner’s Caverns – “The Big Room” was a very nice tour.

After hearing how much “you gotta see it” from the locals,  we finally made a reservation and took the three hour drive.

Topside, the weather was a dreary.

But inside was a nice 72 degrees and humid – very humid.  My wife had managed to see her hair go completly flat erasing her morning efforts.

There were many wonderful photos taken, no wait, there aren’t any!  No photography allowed!  This is kind of a bummer.  At least give us a couple “no flash” pics!

The guide we had was great.  And all but the couple of jabbering “know-it-all” kids allowed for a truly enjoyable experience.

And kudos to my wife.  She is very claustrophobic, and did not have any issues as it is pretty wide open.  To be honest, thus was a big surprise!


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