New Camera and New Tools – Hiking is about to take on a new perspective.

Hiking in Arizona Flagstaff Ponderosa Pine

With my new Nikon D3400 in hand, I took to the desert to practice with it tonight.  Add a copy of Adobe Lighthouse, it’s almost impossible to produce a bad photo.  O.K., that’s a big lie – I managed to take lots of cruddy photos as I experimented with my first DSLR.

Apache Trail Desert Flower

Apache Trail Saguaro on Trail

But with a pending trip coming to re-visit Antelope Canyon (along with Horseshoe Bend), and first time tour of Monument Valley (at sunset, no less), I am feeling the pressure to at least manage to squeeze in the occasional decent pic.

Overall, with limited lighting, I am quite happy with the camera (less happy with the guy behind the lens).  And with the help of the software and an overgrown desert, the quest to produce adequate photos begins…


Apache Trail Hiking Evening Saguaro


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