Places: Monument Valley

Monument Valley Hiking in Arizona Desert

I had a wonderful time in Monument Valley with my dad last week.  He has long been a huge fan of Western movies and as I selfishly wanted to see it as well, this was the last stop as part of his 79th birthday present.


I highly recommend taking advantage of one of the many tours available. First and foremost, you get to go to places that are restricted (Not to mention the road is quite terrible in places).  We had a wonderful Navajo guide, who was quite knowledgeable and gave us a great experience.  The 3.5 hour tour went by way to quickly.


But all plans don’t come out as you hope.  Scheduling to be there for sunset, we ended up getting hit by a dust storm that shortened it just a little and took away the blue sky and the desired lighting.  I didn’t need one, but it’s a good excuse to head back and work some more on photography and enjoying the scenery of Arizona (and Utah).



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