Places: Courthouse Butte Trail in Sedona

I was able to have a beautiful little hike with my daughter this weekend.  We had never been on the Courthouse Butte Trail, and I have to say it it may have instantly become one of my new “favorites” (I have a lot of “favorites” – no shortage in Arizona!).

I easily took a few dozen photos that were instant “keepers”.  You almost cannot take a bad photo in Sedona – and even they still don’t do it justice!

For me this is the perfect “short” hike.  Roughly 5 miles, it takes you, ironically, completely around the Courthouse Butte with great views of Bell Rock and the surrounding area.  A bonus this time was that the century plants were starting to bloom.

Well worth it, and it might be one the “must” trails to take our visitors when the come to town.  Make sure to get there early as the parking will fill up.  And don’t forget the water – it is still the desert!  Most folks head right to Bell Rock, but save that until the end.  Until the next trail…..

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