Clear Blue Skies! I’ve missed you so!

It’s kind of like rich people complaining about the rest of us getting #Crumbs (sorry to be political), but it’s the first morning I can remember in Phoenix with clear blue skies this winter.  And I’ve missed it!

So my wife and I do what we like to do on a Saturday, and take a quick wander through a desert trail.  Ruby was with us, too!

This pic below is kind of an inside joke on my brother-in-law, who listens to 5 minutes of a mediation app on his phone every day (He refuses to pay for it).  I call it “Meditating with Mark”:

We were fortunate that the winds had the balloons take off near Apache Wash:

I Don’t remember taking this.  My GoPro may be haunted.  The “Hikers Crossing” silhouette:

Happy Trails!

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