McDowell Sonoran Preserve Gateway Trailhead Rusty Ward Hike Hiking

Places: McDowell Sonoran Preserve (Gateway Loop)

What do you do with couple of days off in the desert?  You get out and hike!

The weather north was a little crisp, so it made staying in Phoenix an easy choice.

And I was determined to not spend it on the “usual” trails, so my wife and I journeyed to the east side to hike the 4.5 mile Gateway Loop in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

It had been quite a long time since I’d been there.  I forgot how many amazing saguaros there are to see.  It also helped to have some nice blue skies and a perfect amount of clouds to help with the photos.

And since it was an extra day off, it’s important to lounge around a bit.  Put Arizona on your “bucket list”!


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    1. rustyw20

      Thank you for the compliment. I just try to have fun out there and love share. I also love when I see the “unusual”. More to come as I’m out somewhere almost every day. Happy Trails!


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