Trails: Overton Trail (Cave Creek Regional Park)

Cave Creek Regional Park is one of my favorite local places for a short hike.  This past week, we spent a nice morning wandering along the Overton Trail.  The weather was still cool enough, but it sure looked dry and dusty (it is the desert and kinda expected).

The trail is about 3.5 miles long, is well maintained by the park and does have some hills.  There is a decent amount of human traffic and occasionally some rented horses.  I would say it is a moderate/moderate(-) in difficulty.

It does have some beautiful saguaros and other cacti.

I actually had not been there in a while.  Maybe because I’m cheap ($6 day pass) and there are a variety of free trails nearby I like (Apache Wash, Desert Vista).   But it is one of my favorites and also has a saguaro that is particularly amazing.


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