Trails: Cave Creek Regional Park (Go John Trail)

The calendar is about to hit May, and if you think it is starting to warm up in Phoenix, you are correct!  That doesn’t stop us from hiking, it only changes the time of day we go (or how far north we want to drive).  I will say that we should have started out a bit earlier (>90 degrees F when we finished), but it was pleasant enough to be out in Cave Creek Regional Park again.  This time on the Go John Trail.


The Go John Trail is roughly six miles long and will eventually connect to (or departs from) the Overton Trail.  It a fairly moderate trek, with some hills, very little shade and some parts with loose rocky footing.  If it looks warm and dry, well…


It is fairly lightly traveled (less than Overton), but you will occasionally run into some other wanderers.  It also has a good amount of saguaros (in various stages of bloom right now)…


other cacti (also flowering)…



and critters (heads down for snakes – none this trip, but they are definitely out there!).  If you are lucky, you might just find some love…

Go John Trail Cave Creek Regional Park Hiking Arizona Rusty Ward

And you may want to consider shaving all of your armpits (its warm!)

Go John Trail Cave Creek Regional Park Hiking Arizona Rusty Ward

Cave Creek did raise the daily car entry rate to $7 sometime in the last couple of weeks, which gave me something to sit and think about next time.

Go John Trail-43

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