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Hiking Arizona Rattlesnake Rusty Ward

With a Grand Canyon rim-to-rim hike coming up fast, I look to hike every night as part of training.  One of the things I’ve noticed was that the saguaro seem to have more blossoms than usual this year – which I find odd, as we have had a lot less rain than normal this spring in Phoenix .  I started out to take a few photos of them along the trails.

But as I rounded the corner, there was something a bit more interesting crossing the path.

Rattlesnakes are something that you look for (for obvious reasons) and should expect to see in Arizona if you hike on the desert trails.  But this guy (or girl – I didn’t ask, or look) just had the “It” factor.

Hiking Arizona Rattlesnake Rusty Ward

He (or she) didn’t care a bit I was a few feet away (4-5 feet) taking pictures.  This has been the case for “most” rattlesnakes I’ve come across.  If you don’t surprise each other, or mess with them, they frequently don’t coil, let alone rattle.  For the record, I don’t recommend ever “messing” with them!   And it’s been my experience, if they stop rattling, it’s all business from that point on.

Hiking Arizona Rattlesnake Rusty Ward

So what gave this particular rattlesnake the “It” factor?  It was HUGE and, in particular, the size of its rattle.  I count at least a dozen.  And if you are not sure, the below is the “non-business” end.

Hiking Arizona Rattlesnake Rusty Ward

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Be safe out there –  No Guardrails!

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  1. So much to be seen in the desert.

    1. Something different every day

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