Cooling off at Ribbon Falls (Grand Canyon)

You aren’t getting there but by foot.  But there is a little detour to Ribbon Falls from the main trail on you way from one Grand Canyon Rim to the other.  Is it worth the extra couple of miles added to the already 23.9 hike from the Bright Angel Trailhead?  The short answer is “yes” (while you are there) and “no” (as you wonder if you are ever going to make it up the damn North Rim hours later)!


The good news is that the cold mountain run-off will be a welcome relief to the 90+ degrees you will have likely been hiking in.


And even better if you feel like a “Flashdance” (Be warned, as this is very slippery and your legs will be tired!)!  I’m not really dancing – the water is very chilly!



I don’t expect to ever be near there again, so it was likely a once in a lifetime experience.  And it is beautiful!


If a Rim to Rim Hike is on your bucket list (more on that soon), then plan a little extra time and effort to make this a place to rest fore a spell.  The end of the hike is going to, well, suck anyway.  But, as always, be safe!  Be prepared!  Take whatever time you need and remember there are “No Guardrails!”


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