Back to the South Rim (Grand Canyon)

Grand Canyon South Rim Elk

As we prepared for the Rim to Rim Hike the next morning, we spent that evening taking in the sights the South Rim has to offer.


I’ve been blessed to go there numerous times now, but this was the first time we stayed through sunset – there was always the drive home to consider.  I do recommend this – it puts the Grand Canyon in an entirely different light (literally).

And I will say, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of elk that were roaming around.  Close enough to touch (um, don’t do that!).

Grand Canyon South Rim ElkGrand Canyon South Rim ElkGrand Canyon South Rim Elk

Even walking on the sidewalk…

Grand Canyon South Rim Elk

This one is not an elk!

Grand Canyon South Rim

And as always, be safe out there! No Guardrails!

Grand Canyon South Rim

The Rim to Rim hike the next day was fairly grueling for me (more to come – too much for one blog), but a I did give a quick peak with the previous blog on Ribbon Falls – that was amazing!


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