Sunrise is E-A-R-L-Y (in case you didn’t know that)!

Sometimes I get up early, and sometimes I sleep in all the way to 4:30.

Today was one of those days I nearly slept in (4:22 on the clock).  The problem is once I wake up, that’s it – I’m fully awake and there is no sense in lying in bed hoping to go back to sleep.

Good for me, however, is that I live in Phoenix and can throw on a pot of coffee, down a cup and hit the road to one the local trails.  Though this morning, I had to wait a bit as the sun wasn’t ready to come up quite yet.

I did have plenty of time to make it to one of my favorite saguaros just before sunrise and capture a few pics.


The size of this saguaro is hard to gauge on a photo, so I had a professional model (no wait – that’s me!) step in for scale.  It still doesn’t do it justice.


And a few more for fun:


Excited for Havasu Falls in a few weeks – hoping it is open!



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