Monsoon Season: Going to Miss it!

As August is winding down, it is starting to look like the peak of the monsoon season is fading with it.  Most folks living outside the desert, don’t realize we have one.  But the high heat and humidity (yes, it can get a little humid this time of year) bring chances of heavy rain, dust storms (haboobs), lightning, dangerous winds, flash floods and everything it can throw at us for a couple of months.

It doesn’t happen every day.  And it doesn’t happen everywhere in valley on the same day.  In fact, inches of rain can pour down in one spot, and not give a drop of moisture a mile away.  These microbursts are a summer lottery.  Both a blessing for the rain we need and potentially a curse with some destruction it can leave behind.

Phoenix Desert Monsoon Season

And as a converted Phoenician, we often stare out the window, post pictures when it rains (seems silly, like our friends and family have never seen rain!).

But as a frequent desert wanderer, one of the great blessings to me is the chance to go out and see some amazing sunsets (Arizona has some of the best!), sunrises (Arizona has some of the best, too!) and some unique skies to go with the beautiful desert.

Phoenix Desert Monsoon Season

I do my best to go out most evenings after work, hit a trail or venture up one of the peaks,.  And though it can be a little sticky or you may have to hurry if a monsoon wants to expand your way (most don’t “travel” very far – they form and then release their rain).

Phoenix Desert Monsoon Season

So yes, I will miss this monsoon season and what it brings for my purely selfish enjoyment!

Phoenix Desert Monsoon Season

Next up (unless something else comes my way) – Havasu Falls!

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