Mooney Falls Comes with Risk

I was blessed to have a friend with an extra permit to stay at the Supai Village Lodge.  It was three days and a little less than forty miles of hiking (with a heavy pack, I might add).  There were truly wonderful things to see.  This should clearly be a bucket list for anyone who hikes and worth the effort, both physical and effort to get a permit.  Frankly, it is too much to cover in a single blog.  So I’m going to start with one of the highlights – Mooney Falls!

The water flows powerfully from the nearly 100 foot falls.  It is beautiful.  It is mesmerizing.  And pictures (along with the video) can show it better than I can describe.

But this is absolutely a “No Guardrails” moment.  To get down to the bottom (and to hike further) the risk is very real.

Mooney Falls Hiking Arizona Rusty Ward

The relatively skinny ledge and claustrophobic tunnel lead you to a roughly 60 foot climb down – first with footholds in the rock and only chains to grab onto, followed by a very slippery “ladder”.  This is a time to really be aware of the danger and take your time if you choose to “Descend At Own Risk“.  There is also a very severe undertow if you swim too close!


We did hesitate for a moment,  but this is one of the things we came to see.  So with a dry mouth and sweaty hands, we ventured down.  Did I mention you this is the only way out, too?!


For us, Mooney Falls was worth the scary climb, but please do not attempt it if you feel you are not fit enough or are uncomfortable.

Mooney Falls Hiking Havasupai Arizona Rusty Ward

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