Havasu Falls – Not Sure I Can Add Anything

Havasu Falls Arizona Rusty Ward Hiking

I don’t think there is a lot more to contribute about Havasu Falls that hasn’t already been photographed, said or written about.  I will just completely understate it by saying it is beautiful.  And I do want to share my experience! Not everyone gets an opportunity  to see it in person – you need a permit, it is 9-miles or so hiking one way, it is generally hot out there (upper 90’s in early September), and it isn’t close to anywhere to drive to.

I understand there are a plethora of photos and videos out there of the most popular falls in Arizona  – but, heck,  here are some of mine anyway (and I hope you enjoy):


The water is pretty darn cold, but you get used to it fairly fast.  The last know photo of my sunglasses (I owned them for almost two weeks!):


I have to be honest, I was probably more impressed with Mooney Falls – it is larger and frankly, just as pretty.  I think if it was easier to get to, it would be more popular.

If you do get a chance to go see it, don’t hesitate – it is special and you will be glad you did.


Havasu Falls Arizona Rusty Ward Hiking

Havasu Falls Arizona Rusty Ward Hiking

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