Journey to Beaver Falls

The hike from Mooney Falls down to Beaver Falls may be the best part of hiking in Havasupi (including the every famous Havasu Falls). About three miles separate the two falls, but it takes longer than you would expect.

The terrain varies from wading across Havasu Creek a three times, weaving your way around a path covered in ivy, ducking through trees, and some “not for the faint of heart” climbing up and down some home made ladders.

The hike itself is fairly moderate as it includes needing to carry all your water an food, which you have been doing the majority of the time.  It can be hot, but there is plenty of places to cool off in the creek.

Also, you will need to descend down (and up!) to Mooney Falls in order to even begin this journey.  This comes with its own risk as I’ve previously shown, but you will want to.

And if you want hot food later, the Cafe in Supai Village closes at 6PM, so plan your time accordingly.

Here I go, wasting a lot of words, when I can let the photos and videos showcase some of the sights:

Havasupai Hiking Arizona
Looking down river as we cross Havasu Creek
Havasupai Hiking Arizona
Looking up river as we cross Supai Creek
Havasupai Hiking Arizona
Gentle part of Havasu Creek

Hike to Beaver Falls Havasupai Arizona

“I passed through the seven levels of the Ivy forest”
Picked the wrong day to be afraid of Ivy



Hike to Beaver Falls Havasupai Arizona
I came in 5th in the Wet T-Shirt Contest


Hike to Beaver Falls Havasupai Arizona
Beaver Falls Gives Us A Sign
Hike to Beaver Falls Havasupai Arizona
Beaver Falls
It’s better Not to Look Down

And eventually, you make it back to Mooney Falls!

And now you have to get out!

Ladder in and out of Mooney Falls
Don’t worry, it’s scarier than it looks!

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