Summer Leaving Can be a Good Thing

A busy workweek (aren’t they all?) left little time for wandering in the desert this week.  Summer has now officially left us, which, for many, is a good thing in Phoenix.  I don’t necessarily agree, but I understand the desire for the long hot days to come to end (it is still hot, though!).  The shorter days means that the hikes during the week will come to an end soon and my enthusiasm for night-hiking is not very high.

There is still just enough daylight to squeeze in some short hikes during the week.  It only means that I’ll have to “endure” more sunsets and sunrises.  I hope you feel sorry for me.

Apache Wash-38
The sun has set
Apache Wash-16
One of my favorite saguaros

Apache Wash-45

Apache Wash-76

Apache Wash-25

Apache Wash-83

Apache Wash-20
Among the Cholla
Apache Wash-58
It’s early!

Apache Wash-22

Apache Wash-81
So Long!

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3 responses to “Summer Leaving Can be a Good Thing”

  1. When hiking at night…you mean you don’t like hearing the “sizzle” of a startled rattlesnake? 🙂

    1. LOL. I have stepped next to a couple in the dark and it is hard to explain how fast your heart sinks to your feet at that sound. I ran into a nice old one on the trail this weekend (my next post will be on it – he obliged with some pics). It’s a little cooler at night, so they like to be out as the sun comes up.

  2. Hmm. I have the opposite reaction….my heart jumps up into my throat. 🙂

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