Me, Me, Me (and a few hours in Sedona)!

Hiking Sedona Arizona Rusty Ward

I had a day off from work and I had to spend it with myself.  What is there to do when you live on the north side of Phoenix?  How about drive for about an hour and hang around Sedona for bit.  I wasn’t really going to see anything “new”, so it was time to just hike and mess around.  And if I’m going to “mess around”, I might as well be me ruining a few decent photos with myself inserted.

Courthhouse Butte Sedona Rusty Ward
Can you spot the “Rusty”? No Hints!

The lens flare was completely unintentional.   There is reported to be vortex near by.  Hmmmm…

Sedona Vortex Arizona Rusty Ward Hiking Hike
Traveling by vortex is all about sticking the landing!

And it is always best to not hike alone (and this was intentional).

Sedona Vortex Arizona Rusty Ward Hiking Hike
Chose your hiking partner carefully!

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Sedona Arizona Couthouse Butte Rusty Ward
100% Posed

Slide Rock was calling.  So I ventured a little farther north.

Slide Rock Sedona
I think I’ll put it right here.
2018-11-19 Sedona-13
Don’t try this at home.  Well, because you can’t!

And, yes this is a preview of my Christmas card.  It’s best to choose a less traveled trail if you embarrass easily (I generally don’t)!  And no, this is not a photo trick, I did carry it with me.

Sedona Elf Hiking Arizona Rusty Ward
Sneak Peek at my Christmas Card

I do need to smile more.  This is always amazing!

Sedona Courthouse Butte Trail Rusty Ward

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