Grand Canyon Sunrise

Grand Canyon Pre-Sunrise Rusty Ward Hiking Arizona

I had a chance to visit the Grand Canyon for the sunrise this week.  It was early (we left Flagstaff before 5AM), it was cold (20 degrees F with a wind that just went through you), and it was worth it.

Grand Canyon Sunrise Hiking Arizona
Me, courtesy of my Daughter
Grand Canyon Sunrise Rusty Ward
The sun finally peeking over the rim.
My hands were shaking

A controlled burn nearby made it a little hazy!

You can’t go all this way and head right home.  So it was time to start walking!

Grand Canyon Rusty Ward
It warmed up quickly

A lot of people take the bus from the Visitor’s Center to the Village from Mather Point.  Please Don’t!  The walk between the two is a nice one – and rarely has a lot of people on it (even in the summer).  And you can always ride the bus back.

Grand Canyon Panorama Rusty Ward
Always so hard to put it in scale
My favorite photo of the day

Grand Canyon Hiking Arizona Rusty Ward

Grand Canyon Panorama 1

Of all the animals you can see at the Grand Canyon, the Raven fascinates me most.

Grand Canyon Raven
Grand Canyon Raven

This was my first time back since we hiked Rim-to-Rim (blog) in the spring.  And I feel absolutely blessed to live close enough come back as often as I like.

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