Northern Arizona Autumn Colors

Aspen Autumn

I started out with my dog Sadie to head to Lockett Meadow, an extremely popular spot in Flagstaff for the fall colors. My last trip there was four years ago and have been wanting to go again. But I made a rookie mistake, actually more than one. The first mistake was going on a weekend. The second was arriving at 8:30AM, at which it was already closed to capacity. For those that have never been, the limited parking is controlled closely on weekends due to the 3 mile drive up the very narrow mountainside road. But this isn’t about Lockett Meadow.

Not to give up, Sadie and I drove to the other side of the mountain and headed up to Snowbowl, which has some beautiful hiking trails. It just doesn’t have the dense Aspen that exists on the east side of the mountain.

It was not the day-trip we had planned, but a nice one indeed.

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  1. Were you on the Kachina Trail?

    1. We were on Humprey’s trail. I love Kachina – but I didn’t think it would have as much color.

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