All Things Rusty in the Desert (and more)!

I know this should be a Public Service Announcement (PSA) not to litter (if you don’t know this, well, don’t!). But there is a beauty to the old rusty stuff you may find out there in the desert. And the culprits are long gone!

Much of this is near the washes and may in fact have been deposited when the washes run over (and this has happened quite often). And invariably, you can find a shotgun shell or two, so they could very well have been left from camping or the not so infrequent desert party (lots of beer cans and bottles!).

I’m always amazed to find unbroken bottles that have survived 40 years or more. These become keepsakes.

And more amazed to find a car – I would love to know the story!

And I collect what I can carry to throw away.

A different kind of “Rusty” you might find in the desert!

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