Is it a Rattlesnake if it doesn’t “Rattle”?

For those of us that hike in the desert, we spend a good amount of time scanning the ground as we move forward (or we should be). And as I rounded the blind corner, my eyes went directly to the black and white stripes near the tail. I honestly don’t know if this is true for others when they come across a Western Diamondback. But those stripes are what my eyes pick up right away. And I’m grateful for it. Even though, it doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t skip a beat!

Arizona Diamondback Rattlesnake

And of course, the words that came out of my mouth are “Aaaah, Shit!” I don’t know why. I was by myself and have seen plenty of rattlesnakes. But nevertheless, out they came!

Arizona Diamondback Rattlesnake
Arizona Diamondback Rattlesnake

And this guy (or gal) has been around a while, based on the number of rattles. There was no “rattling”. He’s seen us human animals before. So after about a minute of staring at each other, he (or she) made the way to some shelter, just in case.

In general, this is how most of the encounters go (but I have had some scary ones!). And we both went on our way (after I stalked it for a bit).

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