Rattlesnake “Repeat” (but not really)!


I feel guilty about a second consecutive rattlesnake post, but you have to deal with the universe puts in front of you. After only seeing one small one this year, I’ve encountered two big ones in the last two weeks. But this encounter was different.

Firstly, it gave me a “courtesy rattle” when I got within about ten feet. It saw me (or felt my vibrations) first. A “courtesy rattle” is essentially a single shake of the tail to say “Hey, I’m here!” I’m not sure if that is really a thing, but since I was about to come within inches of it, the heads up was greatly appreciated! The one from last week was quiet and I did spot him first.

Also, this one was HUGE! And though it has a few less rattles on the tail, it was at least twice as thick and a bit longer. It has been eating well.

With summer winding down, their patterns seem like they are starting to change and being out more in the daylight – but I always keep my eyes down!

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