Autumn in Northern Arizona

I try my best to visit and hike in Flagstaff, Arizona area every autumn. Even if it is for just for a day. With the day off, I set out to, once again, to make it to Lockett Meadow.

The parking is limited and, for many, you have to settle your nerves as you drive up (and down) the 3-mile two-way mountainside dirt road. There are parts that you swear is only wide enough for a single car, and the drop-off to the side gets the adrenaline going. I know many that won’t make the trip a second time. It does bother me a little, but with a prayer that no one is coming down, all you have to do commit and move forward – because you can’t turn around.

I was there a week or so early for the peak colors – much of the lower aspen leaves were still green. But with a little effort, you could still find good spots.

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