Who is the “Old Man Hiking”?

I am Rusty Ward.  A 50+ self described “data artist” & “spreadsheet lifter” by trade and an avid hiker.  Well, maybe “avid” is too strong.  Let’s leave it as someone who greatly enjoys trouncing around the great outdoors to personally experience the natural wonders all around us.

As a resident of Phoenix since 2003,  I am amazed at the truly unique places and beauty that Arizona and its neighbors have to offer.  There is so much more to it than the Grand Canyon and getting “your hippie on” in Sedona.  Both places are tremendous, but its my hope that I can give you a few new “bucket list” items.

What is “No Guardrails”?

Early in 2016, a longtime friend came to visit for a few days.  He had never been here before and wanted to see as much as we could fit in.  We were inside the Tonto Natural Bridge and were crossing through to the other side.   As it was spring, the water run-off made the footing very precarious.  Looking at the steep drop to his right he said, “You can get killed out here”!  My immediate reply was, “Yep, Arizonans are tough bastards, we don’t believe in guard rails”!

What is hiking?

Walking with scenery!

Be Safe, Enjoy  and Have Fun!

It’s not about the destination.  It really is about the journey when hiking.

  • Know your physical limits – consider distance, terrain and altitude
  • Be aware of your surroundings – there are real things that can hurt you, or worse
  • Bring more water than recommended (hello – it’s the desert)
  • Wear proper footwear
  • Take wonderful photos and just have fun!



“Old Man Standing Still”