Who is the “Old Man Hiking”?

Rusty Ward.  A “spreadsheet lifter” by trade and an avid hiker.  Well, maybe “avid” is too strong.  Let’s leave it as someone who greatly enjoys wandering around the American Southwest.

Grand Canyon Rim Hike Ribbon Falls Rusty Ward

As a resident of Phoenix since 2003,  I am amazed at the truly unique places and beauty that Arizona and the Southwest neighbors have to offer.  There is more to see than the Grand Canyon and  Sedona.  Both places are tremendous “Bucket List” items, but it’s my hope that I can give you a few new places to add.

Red Rock State Park 44

What is “No Guardrails”?

“Yep, Arizonans are tough bastards, we don’t believe in guard rails”!  #NoGuardRails

Hiking in Grand Canyon. Old Man Hiking Rusty Ward
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OK, It’s not the Desert all the time!

What is hiking?

Walking with scenery! (or walking where you can pee!)

Old Man Hiking Rusty Ward
This Hotel Needs Better Amenities!

Be Safe, Enjoy and Have Fun!

It’s not about the destination.  It really is about the journey when hiking.

  • Know your physical limits – consider the distance, terrain, time of year and altitude
  • Be aware of your surroundings – there are real things that can hurt you, or worse
  • Research the recommended amount of water you should carry (I add to it)
  • Wear proper footwear
  • Take wonderful photos and just have fun!
Grand Canyon South Rim Rusty Ward