Flagstaff Hiking Arizona Rusty Ward

So much to see!  No better place to hike than Arizona the American Southwest!  More photos on the Gallery!

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Sunset Crater (Lava Flow Trail) – Last Visited in May, 2018. Nice quiet stroll among the lava flow.  Looks totally out of place.  Stop here and then continue to the Wupatki ruins.

Wukoki Pueblo – Last visited in March, 2017.  Smaller Native American ruin to its “sister” Wupatki.  More enjoyable as it can be experienced from inside.

Wupatki National Monument – Last visited in March, 2017.   Incredibly preserved Native American ruins.  Nice place to take a casual walk through history.

Walnut Canyon – Last Visited in March, 2017.  Beautiful short hike with Native American ruins that you can enter.  Expect a lot of stairs to get to the Island Loop Trail.

Lockett Meadow (Inner Basin Trail and surrounding)- Last Visited in October, 2016.  Wonderful hiking trails, best taken in the fall to experience the autumn colors.  High altitude and some effort to get there.

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