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Lost Dutchman State Park Hiking Arizona Rusty Ward

Bryce Canyon National Park – Last Visited in June, 2017.  Unfortunately we had to stay on the rim, but we’ll be back.

Lower Antelope Canyon – Last visited in March, 2017.  Crazy unique guided tour. Sad part is you only get about an hour. blog

Upper Antelope Canyon – Last visited in July, 2016.  Feels like you are on a movie set. Totally different world with some amazing photos.  Must see!

Horseshoe Bend – Last visited in April, 2017.  If anywhere near Page, AZ, it is well worth the quick stop and short walk.  blog

Tonto Natural Bridge – Last visited in May, 2016.  Just west of Payson, Arizona.  One of my absolute favorites.  Make sure to walk the entire riverbed trail.  Moderate+ descent.

Lost Dutchman State Park – Last Visited in November, 2017.  Warm, dusty, rocky, sunny and a nice place to hike.

Monument ValleyLast visited March, 2017.  Great place.  Do yourself a favor and pay for an extended guided tour. blog

Kartchner Caverns State Park “Big Room” – Last visited in December, 2016.  If you love caves – no better.  If you don’t, it’s a cave.  Personal photos prohibited (sad face).  Also Trails.

Glen Canyon Dam – Last visited in July, 2016.

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