So much to see!  No better place to hike than Arizona the American Southwest!  More photos on the Gallery!

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Little Horse Trail – Last wandered in April, 2018.  An awesome way to spend a few hours hiking.  Easy+/Moderate- with some small hills.  Be aware it is not a loop!  Blog!

Courthouse Butte Trail – Last Visited in December, 2017.  Great trek around the butte and Bell Rock.  Easy+ to Moderate hike, depending on how much you like to climb around on the rocks blog

Devil’s Bridge Trail – Last hiked to in June, 2017.  Moderate- hike to the bridge.  Iconic photo opportunity

Slide Rock State Park – Last visited in April, 2016.  One of my favorite places.  The only downside is the traffic back to Sedona.  Nice place for the family.  blog

Red Rock State Park – Last visited in January, 2018.  West of Sedona.  Easy trails and good place for family.  blog

Soldier’s Pass – Last hiked in November, 2016.  Easy to hike.  Hard to Park – 15 spots or so!

Bell Trail – Last Hiked in June, 2016.  East of Sedona.  Long moderate trail with little shade.  The win is the swimming hole!

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